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What type of questions can be added in Track Application form?

Exploring Types of Questions in Xobin Tracks

Xobin offers a diverse range of question types that you can incorporate into form fields within your tracks. Each question type serves a specific purpose in candidate assessment, providing you with the flexibility to gather relevant information from candidates. This guide will provide an overview of the various question types available in Xobin Tracks and their applications.

Video Question:
A video question prompts candidates to record a video answering the question asked in 60 seconds. This can be useful for assessing verbal communication skills, presentation abilities, and other traits that can be demonstrated visually.

Short Answer:
Short answer questions require candidates to provide brief text-based responses in 1 line. They're effective for gauging concise communication and quick thinking.

Number questions are designed for candidates to input numerical responses. They're suitable where exact figures matter.

Email questions ask candidates to input their email addresses. This is useful for contact purposes and ensuring seamless communication.

Paragraph questions demand longer, detailed text responses in multiple lines. They're ideal for assessing candidates' written communication skills and ability to convey complex ideas.

Upload File:
With upload file questions, candidates can submit documents, resumes, portfolios, or other relevant files for review.

Webcam Snapshot:
Webcam snapshot questions require candidates to capture an image using their webcam. This can be useful for identification or visual verification.

Telephone questions ask candidates to provide their phone numbers. This can be essential for communication purposes during the assessment process.

Number Range:
Number range questions enable candidates to input numerical values within a specified range. This is useful for assessing quantitative skills within certain limits.

Rating questions allow candidates to provide ratings on a scale, providing insights into preferences, opinions, or perceptions.

Date and Time:
Date and time questions ask candidates to input specific dates or times.

Yes/no questions involve binary responses, helping to gather straightforward information or opinions.

Dropdown questions present candidates with a predefined set of choices, and they can select one option from the list.

Multiple Choice:
Multiple-choice questions provide candidates with multiple options, and they can select one or more choices as their response.


Xobin's diverse array of question types empowers you to create a comprehensive and well-rounded assessment experience for candidates. By strategically choosing the most appropriate question types for your tracks, you can gather valuable insights and data to make informed decisions during the hiring process. Each question type serves a unique purpose, enhancing your ability to evaluate candidates effectively and efficiently within Xobin Tracks.

Updated on: 08/14/2023

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