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How to Integrate Interviews in Track stages?

In Xobin, integrating interviews into your track stages is an essential aspect of hiring process. Whether you're opting for live interviews or automated ones, this guide will walk you through the process of seamlessly integrating interviews within your Xobin track stages. This article draws inspiration from our previous guide on creating tracks, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the process.

Step 1: Accessing the Track Creation Page

Before you dive into integrating interviews, Log into your Xobin account. For those new to creating tracks, you can refer to our guide on creating a new tracks for an overview.

Step 2: Creating Interviews stages in Tracks

Begin by creating a new track or editing an existing one, depending on your requirements. Go to the last step of creating track stages inside a track.
Within the track creation/editing page, navigate to the "+ Add Stage" section.

In the resulting dialog box, Enter the Assessment name and open the stage type drown-down and select either Live Interviews or Automated Interviews.

For Live Interviews:

If you are selecting Live Interview as the type of interview for this stage. Then select an Interviewer from your team who will conduct the live interview. You can choose from your available team members in Xobin.

Additionally, you can add an interview scorecard to evaluate different traits like Communication, Analytical skill etc. during the live interview. The scorecard provides a structured way to assess candidates based on specific criteria.

Explore additional options like team evaluation, round-robin scheduling (algorithm that is used to allocate resources in a fair and equitable manner), and exclusive evaluators if applicable to your evaluation process.

For Automated Interviews:

Similar to live interviews, select Automated Interview as the type of interview for this stage.
From the Interviews section of your Xobin Dashboard, you can choose automated interviews. These automated interviews are designed to evaluate candidates using predefined questions.

As with live interviews, you can add a scorecard tailored to evaluate different traits relevant to the automated interview. Just like before, explore options like team evaluation, round-robin scheduling, and exclusive evaluators as needed.

Step 3: Save and Complete

Review the settings you've configured for the interview stage, ensuring accuracy.

If everything appears correct, click the Save button to integrate the interview stage into your track.

Congratulations! You've successfully integrated interviews into your Xobin track stages. This integration will aid in evaluating candidates thoroughly and efficiently, whether you opt for live interviews conducted by human interviewers or automated interviews that assess candidates based on predefined criteria.

Updated on: 08/10/2023

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