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What is Preferred Answer in Tracks? What is it's significance?

What is Preferred Answer?

Preferred Answer is a valuable feature within Xobin Tracks that allows you to enhance your candidate evaluation process by identifying candidates who closely align with specific preferences or requirements.
It is an optional feature integrated into the form fields of Xobin Tracks. It enables you to designate specific answers as "preferred" within certain types of form fields such as yes/no questions, multiple-choice questions, and dropdown fields.

Significance of Preferred Answer:

The Preferred Answer feature carries substantial significance in your candidate hiring process. Here's how it works and why it matters:

Alignment with Job Criteria:
Preferred Answers allow you to highlight answers that align with your job criteria, company values, or specific preferences. By setting preferred answers, you're indicating the responses you consider ideal or desirable from candidates.

Identifying Matching Candidates:
Candidates who select one or more of the preferred answers will be labeled as "MATCH." This label signifies that the candidate's responses closely match the preferred choices you've designated.

Scoring and Percentages:
Preferred Answers are associated with a scoring mechanism. When candidates select preferred answers, a percentage score is assigned based on the number of preferred answers they've chosen or correctly answered. This percentage reflects the degree to which a candidate's responses align with your preferred criteria.

Efficient Evaluation:
The Preferred Answer feature streamlines the evaluation process by automatically identifying candidates who meet your preferred criteria. This efficiency saves you time and effort during the assessment phase.

Utilizing Preferred Answer:

Preferred Answer can be added in three types of form fields:

Yes/No Type Questions: For questions with binary responses, you can set one of the options as the preferred answer.

Multiple-Choice Questions: Within multiple-choice questions, you can designate certain choices as preferred answers.

Drop-down Fields: Similarly, in dropdown fields, you can mark specific options as preferred answers.


Preferred Answer is a powerful tool in Xobin Tracks that aids in identifying and prioritizing candidates who closely match your preferred criteria. By incorporating this feature into your assessment process, you can efficiently evaluate candidates and focus on those who exhibit alignment with your job requirements and company values.

Remember, Preferred Answer is a versatile tool that enhances the precision of your candidate evaluations and contributes to the overall effectiveness of your recruitment process within Xobin Tracks.

Updated on: 08/14/2023

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