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How to add scorecards in Interview stage?

Add a Scorecard in the Interview Stage of Xobin Tracks : Incorporating a scorecard into the interview stage of your Xobin Tracks enables you to systematically evaluate candidates based on specific traits and competencies. This guide will walk you through the process of adding a scorecard to your interview stage, ensuring a structured and insightful candidate assessment. For a broader understanding of integrating interviews into track stages, you can refer to this article.

Step 1: Accessing the Interview Stage Configuration

Before you begin, make sure you're logged into your Xobin account. Familiarize yourself with the process of integrating interviews into track stages using the aforementioned reference article.

Step 2: Adding a Scorecard

Start by navigating to the interview stage within your track. Once you're within the Interview stages configuration, locate the "Associated interview" section. Here, you'll see the name of the interviewer associated with this stage.

Right under the interviewer's name, you'll find the "Add Scorecard" option. Click on this option to begin creating your scorecard.

Step 3: Defining Scorecard Traits

After clicking "Add Scorecard," a dialog box will appear. In this dialog, you'll define the specific traits or competencies you want to assess during the interview like Problem-Solving, Teamwork, Work ethic, leadership etc. Traits represent qualities and skills that are relevant to the role you're hiring for. To add a trait, click on the "Add Scorecard Traits" button.

Select the traits that you want to assess during the interview by checking the respective boxes.

Step 4: Allocating Scorecards Using Teams

Once you've defined the traits, you have the option to allocate these scorecards to specific teams or evaluators. You can assign scorecards to different teams, such as "Founders," "Marketing Team" etc by checking the respective boxes under "Allocate scorecards using Teams."

Step 5: Allocating Evaluators - Round Robin

If you choose the "Allocate Evaluators - Round Robin" option, Xobin will automatically distribute the evaluation responsibility in a round-robin manner.

Step 6: Allocating Evaluators - Exclusive

If you choose the "Allocate Evaluators - Exclusive" option, Xobin will ensure that only a single evaluator assesses the candidate for the specific trait.

Step 7: Save and Complete

Review all the scorecard traits you've added, the teams or evaluators you've allocated, and any additional configurations you've set.

If everything appears accurate, click the "Save Stage" button to finalize the interview stage configuration with the scorecard.

Congratulations! You've successfully added a scorecard to the interview stage in Xobin Tracks. This structured approach to candidate evaluation enhances your ability to assess candidates comprehensively and ensures a consistent and fair assessment process. With Xobin's intuitive interface and sophisticated features, creating and using scorecards within your interview stages becomes a seamless and effective part of your candidate assessment strategy.

Updated on: 08/14/2023

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