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How to group candidate responses using Tags?

XoForms allows you to select the candidates and group them together using different tags like Shortlisted, Interview Schedule, Rejected or any custom tags with your reference. This will help you differentiate all the candidates as per the created tags. Next step of action can be taken for every group of candidates. Watch out a video here.

Follow the below steps create tags in XoForms for grouping candidates:-

Sign in to Xobin Dashboard and navigate to XoForms. For every XoForms, you'll find a View response button.

On the left side, you'll find Filter by tags, click on Add New tag to create your own tags like shortlisted, rejected etc.

Once you done with creating all the tags, now you have to select the candidates and map them with a particular tag.

Now, in the filter by tags and select the desired filters and apply filter and search. You'll see the filtered list of candidate responses.

You can directly invite the filtered candidates for an assessment to take the candidature forward. Click on Invite button, select the assessment, set the invite expiry date and time and send invitation.

Updated on: 08/11/2022

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