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How to Invite Candidates to fill up the XoForms?

Inviting the candidates to fill up the Xoforms is similar to inviting for Xobin Assessments. Invitation can be sent to candidates via 2 ways - Open link and Email Invites

Please follow the below steps to send XoForms invitations-

Sign in to Xobin Dashboard and navigate to XoForms. In XoForms, find the Send Invitation symbol for every XoForm to invite candidates.

You'll find 3 options to send invitations - Email, Open Link and Bulk Invite. In 1st email option, you can simple enter name and email of the candidate and candidate will receive an email with the link to fill our XoForm. You can also write the custom message and setup the invite expiry date and time.

Using Open Link, you can directly copy the link and send it to candidates manually. You can also paste the link on your social media post to receive responses. Also, timer can be setup to keep the link active between certain time period.

In Bulk Invite, Upload the CSV file of the candidates names and emails into the platform, set the invite expiry date and time and press Send Invitation Button to invite candidates.

Updated on: 08/10/2022

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