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How to ask queries to a candidate and view their answers in XoForms?

XoForms gives you the liberty to raise queries to any specific candidate, which eliminates the time taken by the interview committee in understanding the candidates further after the assessment reports. You can ask queries and get the answers from the candidates in XoForms. Watch out a video here.

Follow the below steps to ask queries and receive answers from candidates:-

Sign in to Xobin Dashboard and navigate to XoForms. For every XoForms, you'll find a View response button.

You can view all the XoForms responses. Click on More details to view the response details received from candidates.

In More Details page, click on Queries, create your query by asking a question and receive the response in Text, video or upload file format.

Hit the Bell icon in all responses page to see the update on your raised queries. Get an update on response received from the candidates and send reminder to get the answers.

Updated on: 08/11/2022

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