How to shuffle the questions for candidates?

Xobin allows user to shuffle the questions so every candidate taking up the test will get to see the questions in different order.
Follow the below steps to shuffle the questions added to your assessment -

Login into [ ](
After logging in, switch to My Assessments Tab
In the My Assessments Tab, press the + Create new assessment. or hit the Edit Assessment symbol.

The assessment creation area will open up.
Name the Assessment
Name the Section
Press the +Add Question button to add questions in the sections. You can also add another section by using +Add Section

Once after adding questions to different section of an assessment, click Shuffle Questions button below every section to randomize the order of the questions for everyone taking up this test.

Note: Not selecting Shuffle Questions option will display questions in the same order as in edit assessment to everyone taking up this test.

Updated on: 04/21/2022

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