How to create an aptitude test?

To create an Aptitude Test,

Login into [ ](
After logging in, switch to My Assessments Tab
In the My Assessments Tab, press the + Create new assessment.

The assessment creation area will open up.
Name the Assessment
Name the Sections. Three set of sections created for an general aptitude test, namely, Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability
Press the +Add Question button to add questions in the first section
You can create other two sections by using "+Add Section" and name them accordingly.

The Question library opens up, on pressing the Add Question button.
Choose the set of Aptitude sub-sets, you would like to test.
Choose your desired questions from the Aptitude domain, by clicking the checkbox.
Press Add Selected Question button.
Fill all the three sections created, one by one.

Set the Cut off and Sectional timer.
To set the cut-off, press the "Set Cut-Off" button on the top-right. Just drag the range bar to set your desired cut off.
To set the timer, press the "ON" button. Set the desired time and press "Save" button without fail.

Press Save Assessment button.
The Assessment will be added to your dashboard.
Invited the candidates via email or open link.

Updated on: 01/18/2022

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