How to build an assessment from the scratch?

Xobin provides a robust platform dedicated to the creation and execution of assessments for evaluating candidates, employees, or students. This guide is specifically tailored to walk you through the process of efficiently creating an assessment on Xobin.

Step 1: Navigating Assessment Details:

Log in to your Xobin account using your credentials.
Navigate to the Xobin Assessment Section from the left navbar

Step 2: Access the Configuration Settings

Clicking on +Create from scratch will open a creation area.
Select Add section

Step 3.Initiate a Configure Action

Name the Section
Add skill to the section
You can also add another section by using "+Add Section"

Step 4 Skill Selection

The skill section opens up, on the left side after pressing create from scratch.
Choose the skill from the library from a particular domain.
Press Add Section to add new section.

Step 6. Save Assessment

If everything looks fine press on Create Assessment.
The assessment is ready on the dashboard
Invited the candidates via email or open link.

Step 7. Configure the Name ,Registration form & Anti-cheating feature for the assessment.

After clicking create a pop up window appears were you can rename the assessment

After clicking next you can add Registration form.

After clicking next again you can configure the Anti-Cheating feature.

Click Launch assessment the assessment is ready invite the candidates via Email or Open link.

Click on Eye icon to preview the assessment.

Updated on: 01/18/2024

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