What are the cheating prevention measures for tests?

Webcam Proctoring

Xobin's online proctoring feature removes the need for manual invigilation. Proctoring is a technology which aids in remote assessments. It is a feature that allows a test to be taken from any location, wherever the candidate has a computer and a high-speed internet connection. Invigilating via a combination of technologies such as monitoring software, video images prevent the candidates from indulging in any undesirable activities.

Browser monitoring

Xobin’s Browser monitoring enables you to host a test in a safe environment where the system does not allow the candidate to navigate away from the tests tab. Candidate going off-tab will be warned through a warning pop up.


Check out how the candidate has architected the code. Xobin code playback records all the key strokes of the candidate. Hence, restricting the candidate to get involved in any mischievous activity. Xobin code playback helps the assessors to play the code from the start to to till the end with various playback speed options.

Randomized Questions

Xobin's Randomized Questions feature leverages the Assessment library and creates an unique questionnaire for each candidate. The recruiter needs to pre-set the difficult levels of the assessment.

Consistency Checker

Xobin's consistency checker prevents candidates from faking answers in Psychometric Assessments. Internal consistency checking questions are deployed to check a candidate's consistency and truthfulness in the assessment.

Updated on: 01/17/2022

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