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How to delete timer of an open link?

To delete the timer of the open link-

Login to your account. Switch to "My Assessments" tab.

In the "My Assessments", select the assessment that you want to send to the candidates. Click on ''ARROW'' symbol next to "View Reports" button.

Switch to "Open Link" tab.

When you have already, set the time using, "Set Time For Open Link" button, the open link is ready along with the timer.

If you want to delete the timer, you can simply click on "Delete Link Timer".

Now you can copy the link using "Copy Link" button, and send it to the candidates manually.

Please do not make any changes with the timer or remove the timer, once the link is shared with the candidates. Make sure you do everything before sharing the link with the candidates.

Updated on: 01/19/2022

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