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How to edit the name/rename of the assessment?

To edit the Test Name or to Re-name the test,

Log in to
Press on the My Assessments Tab.
Press the Pen Icon on the assessment card, which you have added from Pre-Built tests library.

It will open the test in "Edit" mode, where all the settings, such as
Renaming the test and renaming the sections.
Adding the questions & sections
Removing questions & sections
Setting the cut-off
Adding a timer to the section
Custom rules for generating different question paper for each candidate
Changing the order of the sections
is available and are completely customizable by the user.

To rename the assessment,
Click on the existing name
Rename it and press the tick button
The test is renamed. Press "Save" button for the changes to reflect.

Updated on: 01/19/2022

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