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How does Xobin evaluate Candidate's answer for Subjective Questions?

Xobin online assessment software allows users to create subjective questions.

However, the software does not evaluate answers to subjective questions. The employer needs to manually evaluate the candidate's answers to the subjective questions.

To evaluate manually, click View reports of the assessment. The entire report list of candidates appears. Press View full report of a candidate.

Go to the particular subjective question and type your marks manually in the text field provided or you can increase or decrease the number range bar at the end of the mark field.

Press "Save Score" button for your marks to be recorded. This mark will be added to the existing marks scored by the candidate in that particular section and will eventually increase the overall score of the test as well as the section.

Subjective questions are of three difficulties like MCQ's and Coding. Easy - 5 points, Medium - 10 points and Hard - 15 points.

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Updated on: 01/19/2022

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