Which steps to follow on getting an error during Xobin test?

Hi Candidate - Refer to Candidate FAQs for your reference.

Please follow the below steps in sequential order on getting the following screenshot to immediately fix and take up the test.

Reload/refresh the test interface page. This will not lose any of your previously filled data.
Open the test link in the Incognito tab(ctrl+shift+N)
Switch to a different Browser. Chrome, Mozilla, and Edge are preferred.
Check the Internet connection bandwidth and try to switch from Wifi to mobile hotspot or vice versa.
If there's hardware issue, means your system is not compatible for proctored test. Switch the system to take up the test.
Kindly disable plugins, antivirus, firewalls and deactivate all the extensions installed in your system. Xobin will automatically detect and abandon your test.

When you come across this screen, follow the below steps -

To setup the correct timezone in your system. Right-click on the Time&Date in the corner of your system and select Adjust Date&Time, simply turn on both the first option and set time zone automatically.

Updated on: 05/31/2023

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