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What is Xobin AI-Evaluate?

Xobin AI-Evaluate is an advanced feature offered by Xobin that revolutionizes the assessment screening process with this cutting-edge tool and elevate your evaluation process by automatically generating a target answer for descriptive questions.

How Xobin AI-Evaluate Works:

Creating Descriptive Questions:
Start by crafting descriptive questions that require candidates to provide detailed responses. These questions often delve into complex scenarios, opinions, or analysis.

Enabling Xobin AI-Evaluate:
Activate the Xobin AI-Evaluate feature for the descriptive question you've created. This feature leverages the power of artificial intelligence to generate a target answer based on the content and context of the question.

AI-Generated Target Answer:
Xobin's AI model will analyze the question and generate a target answer that represents an ideal or comprehensive response to the question. This target answer serves as a benchmark for evaluating candidate responses.

Automated Candidate Answer Evaluation:
When candidates submit their responses to the descriptive question, Xobin AI-Evaluate evaluates their answers against the AI-generated target answer. The evaluation is not solely based on keywords but takes into account the contextual relevance and overall quality of the response.

Score and Justification:
Xobin AI-Evaluate provides a score for the candidate's answer, along with a detailed justification for the assigned score. This justification highlights how closely the candidate's response aligns with the AI-generated target answer.

Contextual Understanding:
One of the standout features of Xobin AI-Evaluate is its ability to comprehend the context of both the question and the candidate's response. This ensures that the evaluation is based on a deeper understanding of the content, enabling a more accurate assessment.


Xobin AI-Evaluate empowers organizations to evaluate candidates' subjective responses with precision and context-awareness. By automating the generation of target answers and assessing responses against these benchmarks, Xobin AI-Evaluate elevates the evaluation process, ensuring fair, efficient, and insightful candidate assessments.

Updated on: 08/25/2023

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