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How to use Xobin's "Pre-built Skills Assessments"?

Xobin has 1000+ skill assessment tests for various job roles. You can simply browse the assessments from our assessment library or search for it and then invite the candidates to take the test.

To use Xobin's "Pre-built Skills Assessments"

Login into [ ](
Upon signing in, you will be taken to the following dashboard

Click on the 'My Assessments' Tab
On the right, the Pre-built tests are displayed in a card view for quick access. You can scroll through the entire view.
To access any tests that is displayed, simply press the test. The test will be highlighted and press "OK" in the pop-up that comes on your screen, to add the test to the dashboard.

See below,

Another feature of Pre-built tests is Quick Filter. Use the Quick Filter on the top and search your desired test. Select your desired test from the choices and add it to dashboard on a single click.

After adding the test to the dashboard, click on the three dots on the right end and you can add the required custom fields, enable proctoring, write the cover message, instructions and information. Press "Save" button for your test settings to retain.

Click on ARROW button, near "View reports", to invite candidates to your test. It shows "Send invitation" tool-tip on hover.
Enter the name, e-mail address and set the link expiry time to send an assessment link to the candidate via an E-mail. Press the "Send" button.

In case you want to send assessment invite to many candidates at one shot, you can make use of the "Bulk invite" tab. Create an excel sheet with the candidate data ( Name and E-mail address) and extract it as CSV format. Upload the CSV.
Set the expiry time, add a message and click on Send button to send the invite to all the candidates.
You can also make use of the "Open Link". Just copy the link using "Copy Link" and directly share it across with the candidate(s). You can also set the expiry time by clicking "Set time for open link"

Updated on: 01/17/2022

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