How to invite a candidate with an open link?

Xobin online assessment software allows users to send assessment invitation to candidates via open links.

So, how to invite a candidate via an open link?

Login to your account.

In the My Assessments select the assessment that you want to send the test invites. Click on Send Invitation button.

For inviting the candidates for the assessment, Xobin gives you 3 options - Email invite for single candidate, Open link & Email Invite to candidates in bulk.
Click on the - Open Link

Copy the test link and send it to a candidate manually.

In what cases an open link is ideally used:

In case of hackathons, when the recruiter/employer does not have participant data (name and email address). The employer can host the open link in their website and participants can take the Hackathons challenges.

In the case of campus recruitments, when the employer is in short of time to assessment link to the candidates' email addresses, the open link can be distributed (hosted) at a common place or a website.

In case you want to openly post it on your social media post along with the Job description. Candidates will read the JD and directly take up the test as the 1st round. All the candidates passed the test will be considered for next round of interviews.


Updated on: 01/18/2022

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