How to add Psychometric test to my Assessment Dashboard?

Xobin Psychometric Tests are available for all our customer in every subscription plan. To find the psychometric tests and add them to the Dashboard for candidates, kindly follow the steps below:-

Login to the Xobin Dashboard(
Upon signing in, you will be taken to the following dashboard

Click on the Assessments' Tab and click on Create New Assessment on right side.
You'll see Xobin pre-built assessment library and the filters to find the relevant assessment. Select the last option - Psychometric and you'll find the most popular psychometric assessments crafted by Xobin's SME.

Find the relevant psychometric assessment and hit the button named- +Use this template, give the final confirmation by hitting OK, your assessment will be added to your Assessment Dashboard for inviting the candidates.

Updated on: 09/23/2022

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