Can I add True False type questions ?

Xobin assessment software allows recruiters to custom build an assessment by adding their own questions.

How to add True False type Question (Binary Options) ?

Login to Xobin Assessment platform dashboard, click on 'Questions Tab' - It will open up the whole question library.

Go to My Questions and Click on the Create Questions Button.

Select first option - Create MCQ question. Select a Domain and Difficulty level of the question in Problem Category. Also, add the Question context in Problem Statement.

Add any two options (True and False) and mark the correct answer and save the question.

If you want to upload questions in bulk at once, you can create the questionnaire of the below format, add any two options and keep the other two empty in an Excel Sheet --> convert it into CSV file and click on 'Upload CSV' and click on 'Save Question'


Updated on: 01/18/2022

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